Watercolour with Michał Jasiewicz in Baztan Valley, 5-11 June 2020

Baztán Valley, a paradise for artists in the north of Navarre, where tiny Basque villages are surrounded by rocky mountains, rivers and forests. On the border with French province of Labourd, close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees. This region is known for its whitewashed houses with stone and wooden decoration. There is a plenitude of wine and cheese to choose from, and thousands of perfect places to enjoy them!

Your tutor will be Michał Jasiewicz, a renowned watercolour artist with broad experience in giving painting courses. An architect by profession, a painter by passion.  Contrary to his technical education he perceives watercolour as a category of painting/ art rather than graphics.  Elements of architecture frequently appear in his works, though they are rarely represented directly; they are usually part of a broader cultural landscape. The coexistence of the natural landscape and human artifacts makes a remarkable material which enables the artist to create a half-realistic, half-poetic vision of the world, a vision as elusive as the changing light or seasons of the year. The resulting works are  quite often inspired by a flash of light on a facade, shimmering surface of the water, billowing sky rather than by a particular object.

All levels are welcomed, so don’t worry if you are just a beginner. Beware – his classes fill up fast! There are going to be 25 hours of painting with tuition and 24 h access to the studio if you feel like painting a bit more after coming back from the plein airs.

What we offer:

-accommodation in private rooms with en-suite bathroom for 7 nights in Casa Juanillo

-breakfasts and lunches (7 breakfasts at accommodation, 5 lunches – mixture of restaurant meals, catering at accommodation and catered picnics including selected wine; no lunch included on a free day)

-transfer from Pamplona airport/bus station in the evening of day 1 and in the morning of day 2, return transfer to Pamplona in the morning of day 8


-fully equipped professional kitchen


Cost: 900 euros

-min. 25 hours of tuition

-24h access to a studio

-some painting material (studio and portable easels, turpentine, drawing boards and seats, clips, shade umbrellas)

-transport to painting venues

-entrance fee to Zugarramurdi Cave (witches’ cave)

-a chance to meet local people, artists or art lovers (check ‘Inspire’ section for details). There is a possibility to exhibit the work you make during your holiday (shipping costs have to be covered separately, please ask for details if interested).

Cost: 600 euros

If you are a painting participant, sum up both columns (1500€). Non-painting partners pay only 900€. Artist sharing a room -10% each (1350€).

If you have never painted before and need some help with your shopping for painting materials, contact us prior to arrival. We can also order it locally if you prefer to travel light.

Not included in the price:


travel insurance, dinners, transfer from anywhere apart from Pamplona (unless it is located on the way between Pamplona and Erratzu), materials apart from the ones mentioned above, free day activities and lunch

Detailed description:


In the evening of Day 1, you will be given a printed copy of a detailed plan for this holiday. Your tutor will accompany you to all painting venues and will be there to help and give advice. We will paint in Erratzu, Elizondo, Amaiur (old windmill) and surrounding hills. There will be five days with five hours of tuition and one free day which you can spend as you wish (in the surrounding mountains, on the beach-50 min. drive to Hendaye in France or painting). Day 2 will start with breakfast and painting session in Erratzu from 10 to 1. After a lunch break, back to painting from 4 to 6. We will spend Day 3 in Amaiur, painting there and having lunch in XVIII century windmill (speciality of the village, organic ‘talos’). On Day 4 we visit Zugarramurdi cave and nearby villages. We will have a picnic lunch that day and will go back to the accommodation after the evening painting session. Day 5 is a free day. Days 6 and 7 with morning and evening painting sessions (10-1 and 4-6) in Elizondo and by Xoroxin Waterfall. On Day 8, after breakfast, we will take you back to Pamplona or to San Sebastian (with additional payment). We reserve the right to change the order of the programme to make the best out of the weather.

Watercolour with Michał Jasiewicz in Baztan Valley, 5-11 June 2020