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Our holiday courses are held in various locations in Navarre, where Spanish, Basque and French cultures and languages meet. This region is rich in history, breath-taking scenery, its cheese and wine.

Depending on each specific holiday, you will find sun and desert, vineyards, olive and almond trees or hilly landscape with sheep and horses wandering freely between green pastures and forests. The beach with touristy San Sebastian is nearby, as are The Pyrenees Mountains, capital city of Pamplona famous for the San Fermin festival, food and wine.

For each of the offered holidays we choose a tutor with lots of teaching experience and an academic degree. We aim to hire a local person in order to support local communities. It also gives the participants a chance to discover those beautiful spots hidden to a typical passing by tourist. Refer to Inspire section to find out about our policy regarding inclusion of local artists and community.